International Institute of Innovations and ExamSoft Worldwide LLC Partner to Bring High-Stakes Exam Technology to Ukraine

June 21, 2021

Kyiv, UA, and Dallas, US: International Institute of Innovations and ExamSoft partner to introduce modern technologies for high-stakes, proctored exam administration to Ukraine.

We are pleased to announce that the International Institute of Innovations has selected ExamSoft to participate in a project to help develop national standards for conducting secure, high-stakes exams for both distance and on-site formats.

Global technological trends in education, COVID-19 pandemic challenges, and long-term problems of education quality measurement in Ukraine require the introduction of remote assessment technologies. ExamSoft’s assessment solutions are widely used by educational institutions within the United States and around the world. Recent experience has revealed the advantages and challenges of remote exams. Remote education quality assessment for Ukraine should be implemented taking this experience into account.

The International Institute of Innovations’s first target is a national examination program for university admission: Education Independent Testing (EIT). The organization plans to develop and elaborate on an alternative method of conducting EIT in a remote format.

The first Trial EIT Online will take place in September 2021. The overall project is designed to serve more than 500,000 high school students through remote testing. For the initial trial, a control group of about 1,000 participants will take a full test using ExamSoft’s identity verification tool, ExamID, and remote proctoring tool, ExamMonitor.

The intent of this project is to place valuable technology in the hands of all the Ukrainian Universities, Governmental institutions, and businesses for remote personal evaluation. It will bring knowledge evaluation to a new level of quality and will start a new business area developed in the USA, but currently not developed in Ukraine.

“This is the first remote exam of its kind in Ukraine, and we’re looking forward to seeing how the software and the students perform so we can finalize details for our full exam early next year,” said Volodymyr Volodin, chairman of the International Institute of Innovations.

“We’re excited about this partnership and opportunity to help, potentially, hundreds of thousands of students in Ukraine move to a secure, computer-based testing solution,” said Kelly Crabb, Vice President of Global Sales for ExamSoft.

About International Institute of Innovations:

International Institute of Innovations is a non-profit public organization. The purpose of the organization is the introduction of modern technologies (EdTech) and non-standard solutions to improve the acquisition of knowledge and increase the efficiency of all related processes, spread the idea of innovation in all areas of education, promote preparation for admission to educational institutions, seminars, staff, educational, scientific, cultural and educational activities to promote a democratic European civil society.

About ExamSoft:

ExamSoft, part of the Turnitin family, is an education technology company based in Dallas, Texas, that builds scalable software solutions that provide a high level of exam security and integrity to education and certification institutions across a variety of verticals, settings and modalities. ExamSoft software gives educators and test-takers actionable data to improve performance and create meaningful efficiencies in grading, exam-building, psychometrics and overall assessment. The ExamSoft mission is to deliver superior assessment solutions to increase learning performance for every student, instructor and institution. ExamSoft currently serves more than 2,000 prominent academic, certification and licensing programs and has successfully administered over 75 million exams.


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